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The SCORE test

The outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic and the subsequent Movement Control Order has slowed the national economy and most companies are in a state of distress.

In the face of this major disruption, many Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to maintain their financial stability.

The first step in overcoming these challenges is to find out objectively what ails these companies.  To this end, we have put together a series of SCORE test to give companies a better understanding of their current state before helping them formulate plans and assist them in getting funds, help and nurturing that they may need.

All score test will be evaluated using AI with minimal human interaction based on tried and tested algorithms for objectivity.

Participants are required to upload a set of documents into the system to get started



Contained in the package are the following:


Summary Financial Deck x 1
Financial Strategy Report x 1
Market Scanning Report x 1
1 on 1 Consulting Session x 1
Group Consulting Session x 3
To subscribe to the SCORE package for the introductory price of RM 999.00 , please click here